Dalton District Archers Inc.


Membership Guidelines

All members are to be familiar and adhere to these rules.

1. In order to attend our shoots, it is compulsory to have membership.

2. DDA supports the anti-doping policy. Members are not to attend intoxicated or under the influence.

3. Smoking is not permitted on grounds.

4. Members are to park only in the designated parking area.

5. Barrier restricted areas are not to be entered.

6. All members must be behind the shooting line at all times whilst shooting is in progress.

7. Access to the equipment storage is restricted to authorized personnel only.

8. All members are to conduct themselves in a safe and appropriate manner, being mindful of neighboring properties,spectators, volunteers and archers.

9. Offensive language and un-sportsman like conduct will not be accepted.We strongly support the zero tolerance policy,members bullying or showing harassment will have their membership cancelled immediately.

10. Any misconduct issues are to be presented to the clubs Membership officer or President.

11. All members are to wear enclosed footwear at all times, we encourage sun protection and hydration.

12. On arrival all members and guardians are to sign-in regardless of their intentions to shoot.

13. All club hire equipment is to be inspected before and after use.

14. All club equipment is to be signed for, damage or failure to return club equipment will result in charges or theft being reported.

15. Any bow set to a draw weight in excess of 60 pounds will not be permitted to shoot.

16. In order to prevent damage to the reputation of Archery Australia, Archery NSW and Dalton District Archers Inc., all acting board and members are to abide by these rules to ensure safety and fun is maintained.

17. Members are to make all reasonable efforts to attend regular scheduled shoots.

18. Once archery is in progress, late arrivals will not be permitted entry.

19. Arrival strictly 9:45 am.

20. Members 14 years and over are eligible for QRES and recognized competition entry.

21. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

22. Most important rule "HAVE FUN"